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Star Of Wonder Star Hymns by AstroBoy1 Star Of Wonder Star Hymns by AstroBoy1
Star Of Wonder
©2009 Michael C. Turner
*(Please See Original Painitng submission [link])

In God's Vast Creation Yet A Christmas Star Still Shines,
From The Farthest Realm Of Starlight, Witnessed By Those Holy Eyes. Hearken Universal Angels, Sing Your Holy Hymns Of Creation's Glory And The Ancient Story Of Salvation, Of His Holy Guiding Light...

In Some Other Cosmic Manger, Far Beyond The Milky Way, Sleeps The Saviour Of All Creation, Author Of Eternal Souls. Wise-Ones Seek Him, Soon Shall Greet Him, King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords Above All Creation...

Alien In An Alien World, No More He Is Than Was On Earth. In The Embrace Of His Dear Mother, Alien Yet To Some Cosmic Race.
Tribulation Of Another Nation, Yet With Holy Grace He Shall Endure.
His Star Of Wonder Shall Ever Shine Through Evil' Darkness,
Whether Here Or Deep In Space...
Star Of Wonder, Star OF Beauty, Everlasting Star Of Light...

May His "Star Hymns" Bring You Eternal Peace And Light...
May His "Star Of Wonder" Shine Eternally In Your Heart...
May Christ, "The Universal Saviour," Light Your Path

Michael & Linda Turner
Christmas * Anno Domini * 1996

("Star Hymns" is #6 in my Christmas in the Stars limited edition card series. Each year I select one of my paintings to use on the cover of my "Christmas in the Stars" Christmas Card series which I began in 1991. Christmas 2009 will mark the 19th edition. I am currently working on this painting and will post it as soon as I have it completed. I realize that everyone may not appreciate space art in this context however, I trust you shall still enjoy the paintings for what they depict scientifically if not spiritually . . . )

May All Your Visions Be Galactic Visions ~ Michael C. Turner
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December 1, 2009
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